CRPS Neridronate Treatment: the truth.

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Play the video to hear directly from other Patients who got remission from CRPS through our Treatment. 

Scientific FACTS about Neridronate Treatment for CRPS.

CRPS Neridronate Italy is a Medical Tourism Italy division. We are the bridge that takes international patients to the best Treatments available in the world; that’s our job. We leave the medical and scientific research to our partners, such as the Doctors at the University Research Facilities and Specialistic Hospitals. Here is what they have to say about Neridronate.

And the Trials and studies

showing that Neridronate WORKS.

Italian Journal of Medicine

Neridronate confirmed at page 25 of the Italian Journal of Medicine with case study. Please feel free to download for free this issue of the Journal of Medicine where you can find official confirmation that the Neridronate therapy works, when administered correctly to the patent.

Neridronate Trial Success

Several Academic publications showing results that you can verify.

Academic Researches

Articles from publishers as Pulsus Group, the medical peer-review publisher, publishes the work of medical researchers in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards in research integrityEndorsed by medical societies, Pulsus Group is an ardent supporter of international medical research, and publishes the following journals directed at a broad range of physician specialties

2019 AIFA approved Treatment

In our opinion, drug therapy should be preferred as early as possible, particularly in warm forms of CRPS to prevent significant functional limitation, psychological distress, and social and economic fallout.”

International Osteopororis Foundation's research

More official and Scientific evidence of the approval of Neridronate for CRPS/RSD.

More bibliography Resources

We have selected even more testimonials from qualified websites for you to read.

Answers to Your Questions

Is there scientifc proof that Neridronate treats CRPS?

Yes, there is; aside from all the resources that you can find on this page, proving that this is the election Treatment for CRPS and all the cases of improvement and remission we have on our website, we encourage you to contact us to ask any of the questions you might have.

Am I a good candidate?

In order to evaluate your case, the Doctors we work with need your CRPS medical records. More specifically, a letter written by your doctor with the diagnosis of your condition and details of your CRPS history. We would also need your blood test results showing your levels of Creatinine, Calcium and Vitamin D.


Contraindications to the treatment are:

  • Major dental works: surgery or other deep interventions on your teeth in the past 5 months
  • Kidney failure
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • High dosage of steroids

Should you have any doubt, please share them with your Health Planner and he/she will double check for you.

Is this a clinical trial?

Italy ran trials in the early 2000’s. Today, Neridronate treatment is the standard procedure for CRPS patients in Italy.

I am worried about traveling so far away from home for Treatment.

We completely understand; that’s why Medical Tourism Italy was born. Our job is to connect the Patients worldwide with the best Facilities, Doctors and Treatments, and also to never leave them alone; we take care of everything for you, including bureaucracy, hospitality, driving you around, airport pickup and drop-off, after care and more. Discover all of the services here

What is the treatment’s success rate?

Neridronate has been proved to be the best shot for all patients suffering from CRPS. The earliest the diagnosis and treatment, the better the outcome.

What is the therapy about?

NERIDRONATE: the standard therapy for CRPS has been approved in Italy in 2013 after many years of studies and trials. It consists of 4 IV infusions of about two hours. Side effects are rare and minor: light flu-like symptoms, headache, bone ache or tiredness. All symptoms can be managed with Tylenol or Advil.

REHABILITATION: it is a highly recommended side therapy that allows the patient to work with the issues triggered by CRPS (such as bad posture, mobility issues etc.). The sessions will be carried out in the same medical facility where you will have the Neridronate treatment. Your Health Planner will be present to allow the communication flow and two CRPS specialists will be there to get to know your history. They will then design a customized program that you will need to keep on doing once back home.

LIGHT: The machine reproduces the sunlight but with no UV-rays, that are toxic for the human body. Such side therapy is provided at the hotel room and it helps relaxing and lowering pain.


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